Umpire General Information
BBL Umpire Uniform Requirements
The uniform requirements for all BBL umpires (head to toe). New umpires please use this to get yourself set up, and returning umpires should review to ensure they have everything correct:
Plain navy blue OR black with Baseball Ontario logo
It is not acceptable to wear a hat with ANY league logos, including BBL.

Full size brim.
Mosquito & Peewee umpires may also wish to purchase the ones with the smaller brims so the mask can fit over top.
Navy blue umpire jersey - it can be plain OR be the Baseball Ontario crested one.
Your undershirt should be red (preferred), black, or navy blue. You must wear a shirt under your jersey for your own comfort.
Black & plain - thicker is better
Mosquito & Peewee umpires should purchase and use a black or navy blue ball bag which hangs off the belt.
Plate umpires for mosquito & peewee MUST wear an athletic cup... you're stupid not to!
Must be grey "dress style" pants - look at what the umpires on TV wear. You can find cheap versions at Winners, Value Village, etc.
Unacceptable: sweat pants, baseball pants, khaki/tan or black pants.
Black or dark grey
As black as possible - a bit of white or colour is okay. Black baseball cleats are fine.
All umpires should purchase a clicker (indicator) and plate brush.
Mosquito & Peewee umpires do not need to provide their own protective equipment (it is at the diamonds) - HOWEVER, you can get an umpire mask for about $40. I would strongly recommend this if possible, because it will mean your mask is always clean AND is sized exactly right for your head.
Recommended Retailers
Eagle Beaver Sports on Birchmount will carry jerseys, hats, indicators, plate brushes, and more. BBL members get a discount so please tell them you are with our league.
National Sports is the official supplier of Baseball Ontario, and they will carry all of the Baseball Ontario crested hats and jerseys, as well as umpire pants, indicators, plate brushes, ball bags, etc.
Umpire Numbers
Umpires must have a number affixed to the RIGHT sleeve of their jersey, facing outwards. Eagle Beaver can sell numbers and attach them to your jersey.
Attached is a list of existing BBL umpire numbers. New umpires, please give me two choices of your number NOT already taken and I will confirm which you should get. In addition to the list provided, #51 has been retired throughout BBL in honour of the former Umpire-in-Chief Mike Marini.
I have received schedules for all divisions except for Mosquito, and they have asked for umpires beginning tomorrow. If you have not already done so, please let me know your availability for this Wednesday, May 29 and Thursday, May 30. Email or text is best and I will give out games the same way.
Questions or concerns contact Scott Harbin, Umpire-in-Chief, Birchmount Baseball League, Scott Harbin, Umpire-In-Chief,


Please refer to the following handbooks when refreshing, reminding yourselves & remebering the important rules of the game for the different divisions.

2019 Birchmount Baseball League Rules 2019 BBL Houseleague Rules.pdf
2019 BBL & ETBA_PeeWee House Interlock Rules 2019 BBL & ETBA_Peewee House Interlock Rules.pdf