Welcome to everything 4-Pitch related. Birchmount Baseball League is proud to have grown a large successfull 4-Pitch division, which allows our baseball enthusiasts to continue improving the skills they learned in TeeBall and prepare them before they enter Rookie Ball.

Below is everything you need to know about the 4-Pitch division at Birchmount Baseball League.
(For Rates & Fees refer to: House League Overview)

Introduced as a transition division, 4-Pitch allows players to build on the skills gained in TeeBall while growing their knowledge of the rules before being introduced into the fast pace of Rookie Ball. 4-Pitch gives players the space to develop their knowledge of the game and the fundamental skills. It provides a more hands on learning experience at a slower pace keeping players more engaged and allowing coaches more teaching opportunities.

Each player will have 5 attempts to connect with the ball. Four (4) pitches from the manual machine and one (1) from the tee, if the player is unsuccessful connecting from the pitching machine.

Four (4) pitches from the manual pitching arm places emphasis on the motion of a pitched ball and learning to anticipate the pitch. A 5th 'pitch' off the tee still allows players an opportunity to connect with the ball and get on base. The added attempt with the tee boosts overall player confidence and encourages more involvement in the game.

Runs are not counted. Instead runners stay on base giving fielders more opportunities to practice plays and keeps players involved in the action. A typical game will consist of 2 1/2 to 3 innings with 7 players at bat each inning.

AGE GROUP: Players born 2013-2014 (6 & 7 yrs old by DECEMBER 31, 2020) are eligible to play in this division

TIME: 6:30 p.m. start (NO new innings started afer 7:45 p.m.)

DATE: Tuesdays / Thursdays *

LOCATION: Birchcliff Heights Public School (Highview Avenue) Fields & Map Locations

EQUIPMENT: Players are required to bring their own glove. All players MUST wear jogging pants/long pants during the game. Players will NOT be permitted to PLAY if they do not have the correct clothing. This is for safety of the player.

*additional practice times are up to the discretion of both the convenors and\or coaches.

BBL is ALWAYS looking for Parents/Guardians/etc to volunteer and become a COACH/ASSISTANT COACH. Apply online today and show your child, what a GREAT COACH looks like!Coach's Corner